The State of Philanthropy in Post-Recession California

CA-Report-Cover.jpgAs the sixth largest economy in the world and a powerhouse of innovation, California affects the entire philanthropic market. To better understand philanthropy in California, we assembled a comprehensive overview of giving trends in the state since the Great Recession of 2007–2009. This report is designed to help professionals and organizations in California navigate the uneven philanthropic landscape that has persisted ever since the banking and housing crises of those years first hit. As a harbinger of larger trends throughout the nation, we also hope this report will inform individuals engaged in philanthropic work in communities and other regions throughout the nation.

Our examination includes:

  • a brief overview of Giving USA’s newly reported data on national giving trends for 2017
  • insight into statewide trends in California since the Great Recession
  • close analyses of the state’s regional disparities 
  • recent philanthropic developments in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego

For further discussion of this topic, listen to our recent webinar featuring a panel of California nonprofit leaders.

Throughout most of our 40-year history of working with nonprofit organizations around the country, we have been committed to advancing nonprofit organizations of all sizes and missions across California. Campbell & Company is deeply connected to developments and best practices in the nonprofit sector and committed to advancing the field of fundraising.

Download our report to review the data and read our insights. We hope our findings will help you and your team move toward an even stronger, more generous future.