Giving USA 2013: Live from NPR Studio 1

Washington, DC: Campbell & Company with partner AFP DC recently presented findings and analysis of Giving USA 2013 at NPR’s stunning Studio 1.  Monique Hanson and Stacy Palmer Campbell & Company Vice President Jeffrey Wilklow presented key findings from the report to an audience of 100, before panelists Monique Hanson, Chief Development Officer at NPR and Stacy Palmer, Editor, The Chronicle of Philanthropy shared their insights into the report’s implications.

“We are incredibly grateful to NPR for opening their incredible studio to us for the Giving USA 2013 presentation and panel discussion,” said Mr. Wilklow, “and we value the time Monique and Stacy took to share their knowledge and experience. Both are remarkably capable professionals and deep thinkers on all things philanthropic.” 

The FindingsDC Crowd Shot

Giving USA 2013 found that American philanthropy continued its slow but steady recovery from the Great Recession in 2012; event panelists found compelling reasons for optimism. Stacy Palmer observed that high-end giving has largely returned to normal levels and that the continued retirement of the Baby Boomer generation would likely drive future growth in giving. She also described significant growth in online giving (15 percent), which is expected to account for an increasingly significant portion of nonprofits’ philanthropic revenue in coming years.

Key Trends

Monique Hanson described how nonprofit Boards have become more involved in both prospect research and stewardship, and how development staff have grown increasingly statistics driven, relying on analyses of prospect capacity and giving likelihood to prioritize their efforts and a range of metrics to assess their performance. She also summarized NPR’s efforts focusing its development program on the “donor experience,” assigning each key donor and prospect to a single relationship manager to ensure seamless interaction with the network.

A Call to Action

Both panelists described how the nonprofit sector had been a powerful advocate against the charitable deduction cap, which threatened to significantly affect higher-level philanthropic giving, and encouraged organizations to continue raising their voices as debates over tax policy continue. They also urged organizations and individuals to focus on sequestration, the effects of which have not been directly experienced by many organizations. 

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Giving USA is the longest running and most comprehensive report on American philanthropy. A free executive summary of Giving USA 2013 can be downloaded online at Other products include the complete report; Giving USA Spotlight – quarterly research reports; and PowerPoint presentations for board meetings. Use the code CAMS1131 to receive 10% off any Giving USA products.

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