Nonprofit Leaders Respond to Giving USA 2012 Findings at Campbell & Company Events

Campbell & Company presented the Giving USA 2012 report to more than 800 attendees at events around the country and an internationally-attended webinar. The report found that,Giving USA 2012 while giving continues to increase in the wake of the Great Recession, recovery remains flatter compared to periods after previous downturns. Nonprofit leaders reacted to the data, not only sharing their organizations’ experiences but also recommending strategies for the year to come. Many emphasized opportunities to better identify, engage and steward potential supporters in this environment.

Fostering the Next Generation

Speaking about higher education fundraising, Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) President John Lippincott described the, “enormous debtload that students are graduating with. This not only worries me because of the loss of their immediate gifts, but because those earlier gifts set up a pattern for a lifetime of giving.” Although retiring Baby Boomers promise to be a robust source of philanthropy in the near term, Lippincott’s comments underscore the importance of engaging younger prospects and volunteers in order to cultivate philanthropic habits going forward.

Making the Case

Many of our event participants emphasized the fundamental importance of a articulating a compelling case for support. Clear, concise messages regarding an organization’s mission, work, impact and philanthropic appeal should form the basis of a range of communications vehicles. Judy Belk, a Senior Vice President at Rockefeller Philanthropy Associates, described how nonprofits often overlook basic opportunities to share their case, “I sometimes find that nonprofits are not telling their stories in a compelling enough way. You often see critical information such as work summaries, giving opportunities and impact data missing from websites and other communications.”

Giving USA 2012

Using a Personal Touch

Northwestern Memorial Foundation President Steve Falk expressed concern that manyfundraisers “are hiding behind technology and have dropped personal interactions.” While interactions with constituents. Personal contacts play a crucial role in determining individuals’ giving potential and serve as key steps in advancing philanthropic relationships. analytics resources have grown increasingly sophisticated, nothing can replace one-on-one 

Effectively Stewarding All

Maintaining donor relationships and engaging new friends demands that nonprofits effectively steward supporters, thanking them profusely and communicating the impact of their gift on the organization and those it serves. Charles L. Katzenmeyer, Vice President of External Affairs at the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, describes how “this isn’t the time to take chances with stewardship. We’ve doubled our stewardship over the last two years. We live by the maxim that we need to thank donors seven times before we ask again, but seven is not enough anymore. It’s really ten.”

Ultimately, John Lippincott summarized reactions to Giving USA 2012’s findings: “Last year when we did this panel, I felt that the outlook of its members was cautiously optimistic with an emphasis on the cautious.  This year, I think the emphasis is on optimistic.” 

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