Growth in Giving Continues, But More Slowly Than After Earlier Recessions

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Chicago (June 19, 2012) – American philanthropic giving rose in 2011 to more than $298.4 billion, up from a revised estimate of $286.9 billion in 2010, reflecting similar gains across the economy, according to Giving USA 2012: The Annual Report on Philanthropy, released today by the Giving USA Foundation and its research partner, the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. The 2011 estimate, detailed in Giving USA’s 57th consecutive annual report, represents growth of 4.0 percent in current dollars and 0.9 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars.

“The latest numbers indicate a slower rate of recovery in giving than in past recessions,” says Peter Fissinger, President & Chief Executive Officer of Campbell & Company, a national fundraising consulting and executive search firm for nonprofit organizations, and chair of the Giving USA Advisory Council on Methodology.  

“Nonprofits must take a deliberate, strategic approach to fundraising. Carefully building donor relationships will help organizations strengthen philanthropic revenue in the near term—and will pay even greater dividends in the future,” recommends Mr. Fissinger. 

Giving USA 2012 identified trends in giving from various types of donors, including:  

Giving USA 2011

Giving by Sector
  • Giving to international relief organizations increased by 7.6 percent in current dollars, the largest increase of any subsector, reflecting substantial growth in the number of organizations operating the sector (an 80 percent increase between 1999 and 2009). 

  • Giving to religious organizations declined 1.7 percent, the second consecutive loss in as many years. This trend likely results from a decrease in church membership and attendance.

Other Sectors
  • Arts: +4.1 percent
  • Education: +4.0 percent
  • Environment/Animals: +4.6 percent
  • Foundations: -6.1 percent
  • Health: +2.7 percent
  • Human Services: +2.5 percent
  • Public-society benefit: +4.0 percent

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About Giving USA FoundationTM
Advancing the research, education and public understanding of philanthropy is the mission of Giving USA Foundation, founded in 1985 by the Giving Institute. Headquartered in Chicago, the Foundation publishes data and trends about charitable giving through its seminal publication, Giving USA, and quarterly reports on topics related to philanthropy. Visit for more information.  

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Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy is published by Giving USA FoundationTM and is a public service initiative of the Giving Institute. Giving USA is the longest running, most comprehensive report on philanthropy in America. For more information, visit

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