Charitable Giving Turns the Corner in 2011

Nonprofit Research Collaborative (NRC) recently announced that charitable giving is up for the first time since the recent economic crisis struck in 2007. Reasons vary from rising stock market indices, positive outlook on declining rates of unemployment to an overall positive trend in different economy sectors around the world. 
According to the latest report by NRC 53 percent of the organizations saw an increase in contributions in 2011, compared with 2010. 

A closer look at the NRC’s latest report shows that:

• In addition to raising more funds in 2011, 59 percent of the organizations met their fundraising goal in 2011.

• Just 16 percent saw charitable receipts remained flat in 2011, compared with 24 percent a year ago.

• Less than a third saw contributions fall in 2011.  A big change from the 46 percent in 2009 that experienced a decline.

• Organizations in the international subsector were more likely to report an increase in charitable receipts for all of 2011.

• Most charities used a range of fundraising methods. On average, respondents used 8 of 10 different fundraising techniques.

• Board members—especially in organizations with $1 million or more in expenditures—were likely to be involved in fundraising in a combination of ways.

• Larger organizations (based on expenditures) were more likely to see growth in charitable receipts than were smaller organizations.  

Expectations in 2012 

Positive changes at the end of 2010, the latest performance of the stock market as well as the indicators of the Gross Domestic Product paint a predominantly positive outlook for 2012.  More than 70 percent of organizations anticipate increases in charitable contributions. However, in spite of a more stable landscape, about a third of the surveyed said that the economy, both nationally and globally, is the greatest challenge to fundraising this year.  

For NRC’s complete report please click here.