Campbell & Company Releases Study: “Are We in this Together? Conversations about Fundraising in Federated Organizations”

Fundraising Federated Organizations

Campbell & Company recently completed a series of qualitative conversations with eight federated nonprofit organizations, seeking to better understand the fundraising relationships between these entities’ national and local arms, as well as the opportunities and pitfalls inherent in a federated structure.

The results of this work underscore the challenges of federated fundraising, including the potential for confusion among donors and concerns about donor “territory” between national and chapter staff. But our conversations also highlighted some of the opportunities that are unique to federated organizations, such as working with a supporter to craft a truly meaningful and donor-driven gift that has an impact locally and globally, or convening staff from across the country to learn from one another’s successes and challenges.

Our findings clearly show there is no single “best practice” or ideal structure for federated fundraising, but the keys to success are the same regardless of how you operate: clearly defined roles, guidelines and practices; open communication and transparency; and, most of all, a relentless focus on doing what is right for your donors.

Click here to download: Are We In This Together? Conversations about Fundraising in Federated Organizations.

Campbell & Company looks forward to continuing the conversation about federated fundraising structure during a national webinar in 2014 that will include a panel discussion delving further into the experiences, challenges and successes that national and chapter staff have faced in structuring their fundraising programs. We hope you will join us for the conversation. Please check our upcoming webinars for the exact date.

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