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Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson is a Vice President. Based in Seattle, Sarah helps lead Campbell & Company’s Northwest team. She brings to each engagement her expertise in strategic communications, a keen analytical eye, and skillful facilitation of challenging conversations.

When news broke here in Seattle that a local hospital had offered last-minute vaccine spots to its age-eligible major donors, the most surprising thing to me was how surprised people were.

Shortly thereafter, we learned that several other hospitals in the area, as well as others across the country, had offered similar access to VIP donors, and it became clear that this was not simply a bad decision by a single team or a taken-out-of-context issue more rooted in optics than ethics.

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Whether it’s thinking about how to approach fundraising communications against the backdrop of current events or tackling an evergreen challenge we see time and time again in nonprofits across the sector, these articles focus on practical tips to empower fundraising leaders in their day-to-day work. Subscribe to the series here.

About this time four years ago, I was wringing my hands over what to say in a pair of what-if year-end appeal templates.

The “what if” giving me pause was imagining a Trump victory in the upcoming election, an outcome that many thought improbable at the time. But I was in the midst of a fascinating research project on fundraising within the LGBTQ movement, and we needed to be prepared for either possibility so that the appeals for four LGBTQ community centers could drop quickly after election night.

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