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Michael Furlong

Michael Furlong is a Strategic Information Services Consultant at Campbell & Company. Michael’s areas of expertise include information services and data management.

As our sector continues to navigate new challenges, the Campbell & Company team has paused to reflect on our own best practices and strategies. We recommend taking the time to evaluate your internal structures and systems, including your database. In this spirit, we encourage you to ask: “Are we managing our data effectively?”

While most nonprofits track data on their constituents, like donor bios and giving history, simply collecting that information isn’t enough. It may even waste time as you sift through pages of data entries. Without effective data management, you miss out on insights that could lead to better understanding and, ultimately, better fundraising.

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For the past few months, it’s been tougher to get ahold of Goodwill organizations, Salvation Army branches, and other nonprofits with resale shops. While it’s not uncommon for one organization to go radio silent during a busy period, seeing so many organizations in such a specific area all go quiet at once was a surprise.

As it turns out, they’ve all had their hands full because of one person: Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo’s Netflix show Tidying Up launched in January and inspired a tidal wave of decluttering, leaving resale shops filled with things that don’t spark joy. Given that Tidying Up speaks to so many people, we wondered if its lessons could be applied to another place notorious for clutter—nonprofit organizations’ donor databases.

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Maybe your organization needs reports, but doesn’t know how to generate them efficiently. Or perhaps your organization already generates reports, but isn’t using them effectively. If you fall into either bucket, we hope this post might be helpful to your work.

Relationship Management Reports and the metrics they represent can tell you whether or not your efforts are advancing your institution’s mission and vision. Yet, of the institutions we surveyed during a recent Campbell & Company webinar, over 90% were dissatisfied with their organization’s relationship management reporting capabilities. 

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