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Melissa Berliner

Melissa Berliner is a Vice President at Campbell & Company. She has more than 15 years of nonprofit experience, including work with numerous arts and cultural organizations.

These past months have been filled with so much learning: we’ve become Zoom experts, virtual party planners, and even ad hoc teachers for our children.  

The Campbell & Company team has picked up some new skills that have staying power long after the quarantine ends. Through practice, trial, and perhaps a bit of error, we’ve learned how to run a well-oiled virtual volunteer meeting, and we wanted to share the wealth. Read on for 10 tips to help you run your next virtual meeting with your board or fundraising committee.

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In 2014, charitable giving to nonprofit organizations in the arts, culture, and humanities sector reached a total of $17.23 billion – a total of 5 percent of all donations received by charities in 2014, according to Giving USA 2015: The Annual Report on Philanthropy. When assessing charitable giving to the arts, culture, and humanities sector these past few years, we are seeing that there is a steady growth in contributions. Between the years of 2013 and 2014, giving to arts, culture, and humanities increased by 9.2 percent. Below are some key findings and recommendations that are intended to help organizations in the arts, culture and humanities sector effectively prepare for their future in fundraising.

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For years, nonprofit organizations have motivated high-capacity donors to make leadership gifts by leveraging physical spaces or prestigious endowed positions as naming opportunities, especially during capital and/or endowment campaigns. Historically, these naming rights have been offered in perpetuity, with the legacy of a one-time gift often outlasting a supporter’s relationship to an organization – or outlasting the useful purpose of a space or building altogether.

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