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Kris Landin McFeely

Kris Landin McFeely is the Director of Executive Search at Campbell & Company. Kris has decades of experience in executive search and works with the Executive Search team to find talented individuals who can make an impact on an organization's mission for years to come.

During this unprecedented time, it’s never been more important to have strong leaders at the helm of nonprofits across the country. The COVID-19 outbreak has created many questions for both organizations and nonprofit job seekers navigating the hiring process.

Over the past days and weeks, our Executive Search team has fielded many questions about recruitment in this time of social distancing. To help the nonprofit sector with hiring and job seeking during the coronavirus pandemic, we answered your frequently asked questions and shared them below.

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In the simplest terms, fundraising is a meeting of needs. However, it’s more than a transaction between donor and fundraiser: it’s building a community of people with similar interests and goals. An essential part of creating a healthy community is getting to know those who are part of it.

As fundraisers, knowing your donors translates into understanding their individual stories, interests, and needs and seeing how you can help fulfill them. These skills—the ability to connect with donors, understand them, and inspire them to act (either by giving or volunteering)—are embedded in everyday fundraising work and are finely interwoven with emotional intelligence.

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At the headquarters of federated organizations, fundraising executives wear many hats—but which are most critical to program success? The Campbell & Company Executive Search team has helped place many development leaders at institutions with complex national or international structures, and we understand what it takes to succeed.

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Originally published October 15, 2014; updated March 19, 2020

While the use of videoconferencing as a recruitment tool has gained traction in recent years, social distancing efforts to combat COVID-19 present an opportunity for nonprofits to get more comfortable conducting video interviews—and keep the hiring process moving.

Temporarily moving the entire recruitment process to technology platforms will allow organizations to maintain momentum and prepare them for a future which relies on these tools more frequently.

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