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Julie Bianchi

Julie Bianchi is a Consultant at Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company. Julie aims to help clients build their visions and accomplish their goals. Her work is enriched by her sector experience in human services, community healthcare, and independent schools.

Human service organizations address some of the most complex problems ingrained in our society. Donors don’t need convincing that these are worthy causes— on the contrary, U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy found 81 percent of high-net worth households gave to organizations addressing basic needs in 2014, and the sector is growing steadily. Yet, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that of the $10.2 billion given by America’s top 50 most generous philanthropists in 2014, not a single U.S. human service organization received a gift of $200 million or more.

Mega donors are giving to human service organizations, but they aren’t giving mega gifts.

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