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Jacquelyn Peters

Jacquelyn Peters is a Senior Consultant at Campbell & Company, with a primary focus in healthcare philanthropy. She works to advance each client’s philanthropic efforts by focusing on their unique mission and goals. She frequently blogs on the topic of annual giving in healthcare.

Donors are saturated with communication from nonprofits—by mail, phone, email, and social media. With so many important issues and compelling cases, connecting with your donors in a meaningful way is critical. Healthcare institutions have a unique opportunity because donors—and prospects—are deeply embedded in the culture of the organization through the patient and family experience. Leveraging this connection can increase annual giving for both short-term success and long-term stability.

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A healthcare organization’s annual giving program can create—and sustain—a healthy donor base. Annual giving programs are often the first step in a donor’s relationship with your organization, and an opportunity to immediately connect with grateful patients and families and assess their capacity and inclination. Several weeks ago I introduced “6 best practices” that can have a substantial impact on your organization’s overall fundraising efforts. 

Let’s get started with the first best practice, Donor Segmentation.

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