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Giullianna Varalta Ciavolella

Giullianna Varalta Ciavolella is a Marketing and Business Development Intern at Campbell & Company. Giullianna contributes to key thought leadership efforts, including online fundraising and mid-level giving, and works to improve our client experience.

In today’s digital landscape, web design that enhances customer—and donor—experience has become increasingly important. Internet users expect convenience, speed, and lots of options when browsing online or making any kind of purchase or donation.

For nonprofits and for-profits alike, that means focusing on the end user’s experience and making sure everything serves a purpose. Reducing points of friction, being concise, and creating user-friendly navigation are some key points to focus on.

To get you started, we analyzed the websites of 16 prominent nonprofits and compiled a list of five design features they have in common. We selected a mix of nonprofits from Forbes 100 Largest U.S. Charities and Top Nonprofits’ 20 Best Nonprofit Websites.

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