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Erin Culbertson and Kelsey Nelson

Erin Culbertson is a Senior Consultant, and Kelsey Nelson is a Consultant at Campbell & Company. They work with organizations across the nonprofit sector to refine their development processes and grow their fundraising programs.

COVID-19 shook up our plans this spring in a big way, and it will continue to affect our daily lives and work for months to come. As states have begun to re-open, they have adopted new measures to limit crowds, maintain social distancing, and keep people healthy.

These changes—and the impossibility of predicting exactly how they will impact individual behavior—are causing many nonprofits to ask: What should we do about our fall fundraising events? If your organization relies on fall events to generate revenue, now is the time to create a plan.

This means choosing between three pathways:

  1. Moving forward with an in-person event that will inevitably look and feel different from past years, with a contingency plan to go virtual on short notice if necessary
  2. Proactively moving the event to a virtual platform
  3. Canceling the event and identifying another means for securing the needed revenue

Read on to learn about three steps we suggest you take before deciding on a pathway and review a list of considerations to guide you once you’ve chosen.

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