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Erin Culbertson

Erin Culbertson is a Senior Consultant at Campbell & Company. She is an expert in balancing the art and science of fundraising. With a knack for building realistic systems that get the job done, Erin is a collaborator who can partner with you and your stakeholders to bring your vision to life.

Independent schools are facing the COVID-19 crisis in motion today and a looming recession. In these uncertain times, donor stewardship is a respectful way to keep donors connected in the near term and lay a foundation for future solicitations.

Stewardship is important for donor retention and relationship building but also serves to help build community at our schools, adding to the value proposition we promise to our families. We have an opportunity to enhance the sense of community at our schools and steward our donors through outreach now. Social distancing does not mean keeping our donors at arm’s length!

As you make plans for personal stewardship over the coming months, consider the following ideas to broaden and deepen the impact of your efforts.

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