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Our Communications team partners with you to create ideas, messages, and communications that tell your story, rally the support of your stakeholders, and empower your leaders to walk into the biggest donor conversations with confidence.


The issues are as old as America, but the political and cultural moment feels new. As more and more voices join our national dialogue around systemic racism, police brutality, and white supremacy, nonprofits find themselves rethinking how they engage and communicate with their communities.

Our Communications team has been deeply engaged in Campbell & Company’s anti-racist journey over the last few years, and many of us live these commitments within and beyond our professional lives. This moment deepens and accelerates all of it. At the same time, we are where we are—a white team with a great deal of work to do, embedded in a largely white nonprofit and philanthropic culture.

To our many colleagues who might be on the same journey, especially our white colleagues, we thought we’d share what we’re reading and learning, how we’re rethinking our work, and where we feel like we’re running into the current boundaries of our field and roles. And as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections as we all continue our work.

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