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Colleen Rogers

Colleen Rogers is a Senior Consultant in the Executive Search division of Campbell & Company. She takes a candid approach to understanding client cultures and the positions at hand by listening to staff members and decision-makers, asking key questions, and getting to know everyone involved in the search process.

At its best,
networking is all about creating and strengthening genuine human connections. Yes, it’s a means to advance your career and search for jobs, but networking can also provide a platform for peer learning, a source of candid advice, and a space for professional camaraderie.  

Once you start incorporating simple networking habits into your life, it will seem more like a natural extension of your professional routine.

Read on for six key strategies you can use to bolster your network and build connections, compiled by the Campbell & Company Executive Search team.

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Partnering with an executive search firm helps organizations explore outside their networks to find capable, dedicated leaders. Instead of managing recruitment efforts, staff can focus on work that directly supports the institutional mission while a trained team leads the search process. To make the most of this arrangement, it’s critical for organizations to foster a productive working relationship with their executive search firm.

Over two decades and hundreds of searches, our Executive Search practice has learned what it takes to elevate this important partnership. A successful partnership ultimately means the right new leader driving results at your organization. For nonprofits embarking on their next search, we’ve compiled four ways to get the best return on their executive search relationship.

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Since joining Campbell & Company’s Executive Search practice six years ago, I have reviewed countless resumes for nonprofits across the U.S. For any given search I’m working on, I receive dozens of resumes, some better than others. There is a lot of advice out there about how to craft a strong resume, and much of it is conflicting, not to mention confusing. Recently, more people have been asking me for advice on their resume – even at the end of an interview, which they got because I liked what I saw on their resume.

Talent Management Strategies, Executive Search, Career Advice