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Christina Yoon

Christina “Tina” Yoon, Vice President, is a dedicated nonprofit professional who uses her broad experience when advising other nonprofits but brings a fresh perspective to each client engagement. She listens carefully to her clients’ needs and develops customized solutions.

Imagine: you have a donor with mega-capacity who’s been giving modestly over several years. Your prior personal outreach hasn’t yielded anything substantial, but they pick up the phone when you contact them for a routine qualification call. Through that one conversation, you learn that your organization is their top philanthropic priority, and they’re interested in meeting with your CEO.

I’m not speaking in hypotheticals—this was the recent experience of a Campbell & Company partner. Without persistent outreach and a structured qualification call program, that donor would not be in active cultivation right now.

I’ve previously written about the importance of identifying and qualifying major donors. In this article, I’m zeroing in on the qualification piece, introducing a sample structure for your qualification call program.

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Earlier this year, the Campbell & Company East team sat down with four nonprofit leaders in the Washington, DC area to discuss the current political climate, how it’s affecting their fundraising—and what we can learn from their responses.

We filmed these conversations for our four-part Let’s Talk Politics video series: a candid look at how organizations are faring in this charged political atmosphere.

In the second episode, I interview Michelle Powers Keegan, Chief Development Officer of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Look out for a new video each Thursday at 10am ET.

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When it comes to major gifts, every development professional knows the formula: meaningful connections equal transformational gifts. But how do frontline fundraisers decide which donors to focus on cultivating those critical relationships with? Continually refreshing the donor portfolios of major gift officers (MGOs) is key to the success of any fundraising program, and properly identifying and qualifying donors are the first steps to creating a healthy MGO portfolio. Through these processes, programs can uncover and build deeper relationships with donors who currently make frequent, relatively small gifts.

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