Event: Transformers: Stories of Leadership for Community Impact

May 17, 2017 in Bellevue, WA at the 2017 Washington State Nonprofit Conference

Throughout their careers, nonprofit leaders are called upon to seize opportunities and calm crises that can profoundly affect their organizations and the people they serve – for better or for worse. One’s ability to successfully build community partnerships, stabilize finances and staff, and anticipate and respond to a rapidly changing external environment can make all the difference in whether an organization grows and thrives or withers on the vine.

This moderated panel discussion will feature seasoned executive directors who have seen it all…and done it all! From pulling an animal welfare group back from the brink of extinction to creating a model for community-oriented affordable housing, our panelists will share their experiences of leading organizations through profound periods of change and transformation – all in aid of serving their communities in deeper and more impactful ways.


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