Event: Using Data & Technology to Rethinking the Traditional Fundraising Formula

Friday, April 3, 2020: 8:45 - 10:00am Eastern in Washington, DC at the NAYDO Conference on YMCA Philanthropy

Nonprofit fundraising has a long history of impact—and many tried-and-true best practices that development shops have been following for decades. But what if there are more effective ways to run your shop that diverge from the traditional fundraising formula? This session will dive deep into advances in tech, innovative analytics, and disruptive ideas that are changing the face of fundraising and paving the way for even greater impact.  

The presenter will walk through specific scenarios where your team can leverage data and technology in new ways, sharing real-life examples and actionable advice. He’ll also discuss common roadblocks to making these pivots—from lack of organizational buy-in to resource constraints—with a focus on practical solutions. Throughout the session, the presenter will engage the audience, giving them time to discuss topics in small groups, share their experiences, and ask questions along the way.

Presenter: Adam Wilhelm, Vice President, Campbell & Company

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