Event: Strategic Shifts in Corporate Relationships

May 1, 2017 at 11 am at the 2017 State Councils Annual Conference in Seattle, WA

The world of corporate philanthropy has moved away from “feel good” giving to giving that can model corporate strategies in community and workforce development. Independent colleges are sometimes at a competitive disadvantage with corporate funders because the level of impact that smaller institutions can demonstrate is often lower than that of large public universities, simply because their student populations are smaller.

State Councils, however, are in a unique position to fill this gap. By providing scale for member institutions, State Councils can develop compelling programs that may readily fit corporate strategies for funding and workforce development. State Councils also can demonstrate the true benefit of collaboration among member institutions by seeking larger corporate gifts collectively than each college could obtain on its own. This panel discussion led by James Plourde, vice president of the Collins Group, provides an opportunity to hear experienced gift officers discuss their strategic philanthropic interests.


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