Event: Adapting Volunteer Management Principles to Mobilize Social Ambassadors

April 25, 2019: 4:30 - 4:40pm Pacific in Portland, OR at the CASE Social Media and Community Conference

Influencer marketing can feel like learning a foreign language, complete with a new set of rules and an unfamiliar culture to navigate. But for advancement professionals, engaging influencers is closer to home than you may think. This lightning talk will explore how you can use tried-and-true volunteer management strategies to build relationships with social media ambassadors. 

From engaging in active listening (now in the form of “social listening”) to developing easy-to-use resources, you can identify your most involved, influential stakeholders, maximize their impact, and foster long-term connections with them. In 10 quick minutes, I’ll outline a series of steps to decode ambassador engagement and lay the foundation for meaningful relationships—on social media and beyond. 

Presenter: Lauren Collette, Consultant, Campbell & Company

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