Event: So You Want to Be a CEO?

April 30 - May 2, 2017 in San Francisco, CA: AFP International Conference 2017

The “route up” from CDO to CEO is fast becoming the road more travelled. But what does it take for the CDO to ascend to an organization’s top job, and what are the experiences, skill set and path necessary to do so?

Today, it could mean a deep understanding of, and time spent in, functional areas like finance and operations, combined with the CDOs purview of broader organization issues gleaned from interactions with the board and sitting CEO. But the challenges for the CDO with an eye toward the top job include the risk of not being taken seriously as a fundraiser while doing necessary, experience building tours through other functional areas. Sharing uptodate knowledge from the field on what organizations are currently looking for in their CEO’s toolkit, as well as a real life case study of a CDO who become a CEO and her route to the top, the session will explore the necessary steps and experiences needed to make this transition, and why the CDO is sometimes the strongest candidate to ultimately lead an organization.

Key Learnings:

  • What exactly are these necessary, foundational experiences?
  • What CDOs should do next if they are interested in becoming a CEO?
  • What the CDO with an eye toward leading the organization should be thinking about in terms of his or her own succession and development staff bench strength?


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