Event: Don’t Lose Your “Why”: Retain Your Core Purpose as You Adapt

October 19, 2020: 3:30-4:45pm Eastern at the ASTC Virtual 2020 Annual Conference

Whether you’ve been planning an entirely new facility or now realize you need to renovate existing spaces to adapt to the expectations of our changing world, you need effective plans.  

All our institutions are managing in a new context, including health concerns for our audience and staff; the faltering economy; a new awareness of, and desire to explicitly address, the concerns of the #BLM movement and the systemic racism of the museum world; the upcoming election and related political contexts; and a new fundraising landscape due to all of the above. 

What can we draw from best practices we’ve relied on to inform our planning? A strong, grounded planning process can help your science center keep your mission as your touchstone while envisioning an evolving visitor experience.  

We will hear from three organizations as case studies to spark ideas. Bring your questions to this interactive workshop designed for science centers facing master planning, capital improvements, or programmatic adaptations. Through mini-presentations that explore design, business planning, and fundraising, we will flow into group breakout activities. You’ll hear from colleagues who are diving into this changing world, and we will learn from each other how to leverage best practices for success during the pre-design process. 

Presenters will share strategies and case studies in the areas of business and strategic planning, fundraising and engagement, project management, and design/construction planning. You’ll leave the session with new ideas for managing capital projects in the months and years ahead.  


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