Event: From Obstacle to Advantage: Overcoming Hurdles to Execute a Successful Campaign

March 16, 2018: 11:45am - 12:45pm ET in Boston, MA at the CASE District I Conference

Imagine running a campaign under these circumstances: your beloved Head of School announces his retirement after 25 years, the timeline is compressed to two years, and you’re navigating other staffing shakeups and strict fundraising thresholds set by the Board of Trustees. These head-spinning obstacles were The Fenn School’s reality when it launched its current campaign in 2016. Confronted with hurdles, the 4th – 9th grade boys’ school created opportunities out of challenges and secured one of the institution’s largest gifts to date.

Drawing on the experiences of The Fenn School, this session will explore specific strategies the School has used to stay focused and meet its goals throughout the campaign. From disciplined donor tracking and alumni and parent outreach to optimized campaign staffing, purposeful communications and messaging, volunteer management, and community education, The Fenn School’s case study provides a roadmap for other schools to overcome hurdles and achieve campaign success.


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