Event: Building Buy-In for Your Big Idea: Lessons in Change Management

Thursday, June 11, 2020: 11:00am - 12:15pm Pacific at the AFP Advancement Northwest Annual Conference

When big-picture change is on the horizon for your organization, how do you involve your stakeholders? What can you do to build ownership and excitement around the next chapter? And how do you develop a communications strategy that raises awareness and inspires fundraising? 

Our session will explore these questions, using the recent campaign for the New Burke as a backdrop. Driven by the big idea of breaking down barriers and inviting visitors to be a part of its work, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture embarked on a years-long journey to turn its building “inside out.” Along the way, it worked hard to communicate this vision; generate buy-in across a diverse group of stakeholders, including private and government funders; and raise transformational gifts. 

Presenters will share this story, weaving in examples from other organizations and wrapping up with universal lessons that any organization can apply during a period of significant change. Pat Chesnut and Kate Roosevelt will share their perspective as the Burke’s communications and fundraising consulting partners throughout this process. Burke Director of External Affairs Alaina Fuld will discuss how the institution developed a communications strategy to take them from the day-one concept to the New Burke’s opening on October 12, 2019 and beyond.

Participants will break into small groups at various points to discuss how they can apply the session takeaways at their own organizations.


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