Event: Seattle Stories of Transformative Change - How Local Board Leaders are Driving Innovation

October 19, 2017: 4:15-5:30 pm PT in Seattle, WA at the 2017 BoardSource Leadership Forum

Many nonprofits have inspirational visions for transformative change, but few are able to execute their plans effectively. How can nonprofits successfully translate these bright ideas into concrete innovation? This session will explore how the governing boards and executives of FareStart and Seattle Humane—two prominent Seattle nonprofits—applied generative practices, leading their organizations to transformative change and sustainable, rapid growth.

FareStart is a social enterprise pioneer in reducing hunger, poverty, and homelessness. Through a unique partnership with Amazon, FareStart is doubling its size, opening five new eateries, and launching an apprenticeship program for low-income food service workers. Seattle Humane has evolved from a small organization led by animal lovers to a leading regional player advocating for companion animals and placing 7,000 pets annually. By partnering with the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Seattle Humane’s new facility allows it to launch programs with lasting impact.

During this session, the FareStart CEO and Board Secretary and the Seattle Humane CEO and Board Chair Emerita will discuss their decision-making processes, sharing how they helped their organizations achieve phenomenal results and what other nonprofits can learn from their successes.

Learning objectives:

  1. Gain insights into how highly effective nonprofits approach decision making to produce transformative impact and stay on the leading edge of social innovation
  2. Learn how CEOs approach board development and retention to sustain their highly effective organizations
  3. Understand how board leaders help to create the environment for innovation


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