Event: Beyond Buzzwords: How To Find Your School’s Unique Voice

Friday, January 24, 2020: 9:00 - 11:00am in Tacoma, WA at the NWAIS Workshop

Strong student-teacher relationships. Stellar academics and extracurriculars. A focus on innovation. These building blocks are critical to a well-rounded education, but listing your strengths alone won’t set you apart from other exceptional institutions. How do you communicate to your audience exactly who you are?

In this tactical, interactive session we’ll move beyond buzzwords, uncovering your school’s unique personality with a step-by-step process. Through examples, audience activities, and group workshopping, attendees will begin to hone in on their school’s voice and learn how to use it within a fundraising context—and beyond.

Group workshops will follow each individual activity where volunteers can share and discuss their work, giving the audience and presenters the opportunity to provide suggestions and additional ideas. By participating in active learning, attendees will engage with the material on a deeper level, ensuring they can implement what they learn at their own institutions.


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