Event: Find Them and Keep Them - What You Need to Know Now about Performance Incentives

Tuesday, June 14, 2016: 9:30 am - 10:30 am at AHP Big Ideas 2016

Demand for top healthcare fundraising talent is on the rise. Consequently, healthcare philanthropy executives face increased barriers around recruiting and retaining from an ever shrinking pool. A 2015 Campbell & Company study analyzed compensation and incentives in healthcare philanthropy, surveying CDOs and foundation executives to understand successful incentivizing of their teams.

This session explores revenue and non-revenue based incentives, options for plans that effectively attract and retain and recommendations on strengthening and incentivizing development teams. His session will explore individual, team and organizational performance incentives, and discuss options for selecting incentive plans that may help recruit and retain top talent. Jointly they will discuss recommendations and practical guidance on further strengthening and incentivizing your development team, sharing new strategies gleaned from the survey results that attendees can employ in their talent strategies.

Participants will leave with a stronger understanding of:

  • Current trends and attitudes in healthcare compensation and incentive structures
  • Various types of performance-based incentives in healthcare philanthropy
  • Strategies to develop and implement incentive structures and plans


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