Event: Developing a Robust Donor Pipeline: How to Invigorate Your Qualification Efforts

Thursday, June 11, 2020: 9:30 - 10:45am Pacific at the AFP Advancement Northwest Annual Conference

As philanthropy becomes an increasingly important revenue source for nonprofits and more frequent campaigns become a consistent element of the environment, organizations face a big challenge: how do I bring in more fundraising revenue while combating donor fatigue?

A strong pipeline fueled by qualification can help balance these competing priorities—but qualifying donors is a common challenge for most development shops. An ongoing process with no hard deadlines, qualification involves reaching out to unknown prospects and weathering rejections.  

The solution? Formal qualification efforts that establish an efficient and manageable process for your team to follow. Using a structured approach can help steward donors, identify potential prospects, and upgrade annual gifts. In this session, we’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of successful qualification efforts, drawing on learnings from Classical KING FM 98.1. 

KING FM has recently implemented a qualification call program to build its pipeline for all types of giving, from major to planned and everywhere in between. Director of Major Giving and Campaign Blandine Van de Velde and fundraising consulting partner Lauren Collette will discuss the clear process and framework KING FM took, as well as results, challenges and successes, and lessons learned. 

Participants will leave with a stronger understanding of:

  • The importance of qualification efforts and how they can benefit their organization
  • How to develop qualification plans and leverage internal staff 
  • Tools to overcome common challenges or concerns related to qualification


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