Webinar: Fundraising Communications 5: Campaign Case Development and Communications 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 12:00 - 1:00 pm CT

Cost: Free!

Our Fundraising Communications series is our core communications curriculum for nonprofit leaders, fundraisers and communicators. In five sessions, we provide concepts, examples, tools and tricks for communicating effectively with donors and volunteers—from foundational ideas to finished materials.

About this webinar:
A major campaign is more than just a fundraising strategy—it’s a statement about the future of your mission.

That’s why defining and communicating your campaign case for support is so important. A powerful case drives every other aspect of your campaign strategy—attracting the strongest volunteers, inspiring unprecedented gifts and fueling the hard work of your staff. It also represents one of the most significant challenges in preparing for a campaign.

Whether you’re thinking ahead to your next campaign or already underway, this in-depth webinar will give you concepts, examples, tools and tricks for defining and communicating your campaign case.

With examples drawn from campaigns across the nonprofit sector, this session will empower you to:

  • Express a campaign vision that truly stands apart
  • Craft campaign messages that stick in donors’ minds
  • Create campaign materials that support active major donor cultivation
  • Plan a communications strategy that builds momentum from the quiet phase through the victory celebration


  • Andy Brommel, Director, Communications Consulting, Campbell & Company
  • Pat Chesnut, Senior Consultant, Communications, Campbell & Company

Intended audience:
Executive Leaders, Volunteer Leaders, Fundraisers (all levels), Communications and Marketing (all levels)

1 credit available

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