Event: Using GivingTuesday to Engage Your Mid-Level Donors

Tuesday, September 29, 2020: 1:00-2:00pm Central | Blackbaud webinar

When you think about GivingTuesday, your small-dollar donors likely come to mind—and all the strategies that help you reach that broad audience. There’s no question that crowdfunding drives this global generosity movement, but are you missing out on an opportunity to engage your mid-level donors?

Led by Campbell & Company presenters, this Blackbaud webinar will explore how to integrate GivingTuesday into your mid-level giving program. Mid-level giving experts Lauren Collette and Jacquelyn Peters will walk through a series of GivingTuesday strategies tailored to this important group. You’ll leave the session with a roadmap to help you achieve your giving day goals and meaningfully connect with your mid-level donors along the way.

Campbell & Company Presenters:

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