Yellowstone Park Foundation

How do you capture the spirit of a place that means something different to everyone? This was our challenge for Yellowstone Forever—a visionary campaign for the Yellowstone Park Foundation, the official fundraising partner of Yellowstone National Park. We worked with YPF to create a flexible suite of campaign materials with something for everyone—from scientific research to natural reverie—with simple messages and powerful images leading the way.

Campaign Vision Brochure

Our case brochure began with a core insight that captured the scale and significance of Yellowstone, while bringing it to the most personal level: “We all have our own Yellowstone.” From this central message, we built a banner-waving narrative that helped everyone see both their own Yellowstone and the whole of Yellowstone, allowing striking pictures and clear headlines to lead the way. 

Campaign Projects in Depth

To complement our vision-oriented brochure, we worked closely with Foundation and Park Service staff to develop detailed project inserts that conveyed the urgency, rigor, and impact of campaign plans.

“Campbell & Company developed a strong case for support that helped identify the highest priority initiatives and combine them into a compelling and urgent vision.”

– Karen Bates Kress, President of Yellowstone Park Foundation

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