Chicago History Museum 

When the Chicago History Museum (CHM) asked us if we wanted to partner with them on a truly historical capital campaign, we jumped at the chance to be tourists amidst the lore of our own city. What started with a brainstorm on our personal points of Chicago pride (absolutely no ketchup on hot dogs, Lake Michigan, Honest Abe, and Oprah) became a deeper dive into the spirit that makes our city pulse—and the inspiration to reframe the museum in donors’ minds. 

Capturing the spirit of Chicago

We landed on a bold yet welcoming campaign name, This is Chicago, anchored by a simple message that resonated throughout the CHM community: everything that makes Chicago Chicago flows out of our history, and the Chicago History Museum keeps it alive. 

Putting stories at the center

In a city that lives with the stories of its past, we foregrounded the stories that make at CHM a one-of-a-kind institution—from those that live in its collections to those it brings to life in classrooms across the city.

Bringing the details to life

To support a campaign brochure built around anthemic messaging, visionary goals, and storytelling, we worked with CHM to build out detailed—yet concise and thematically cohesive—inserts for each major campaign project.

"The team at Campbell & Company were amazing partners for our landmark This Is Chicago campaign."
- Michael Anderson Director of Institutional Advancement and Major Gifts Officer

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