Giving USA 2013 Healthcare Snapshot

The recently released Giving USA 2013 report describes broad trends in healthcare philanthropy. Here, we break down important trends from the report and make broad recommendations for healthcare organizations as they build their fundraising programs. We welcome your thoughts and questions; please don’t hesitate to contact Adam Wilhelm at   

Key findings for healthcare providers include:

  • Individual giving constitutes the vast majority of American philanthropy; accordingly, individuals such as grateful patients, family members and others represent the bulk of healthcare supporters.

  • Between 2010 and 2012, giving to health grew 5.6 percent. This is compared with growth in overall giving of 7.9 percent (in current dollars) over the same period. Industry observers have attributed this slower growth to volatility in the healthcare sector due to healthcare reform and accompanying trends. 

We recommend that healthcare organizations:

  • Build a “high impact” fundraising program:  Fundraising programs should focus on securing leadership and major gifts. Doing so requires strategic investment in fundraising staff and systems, as well as training for leadership, staff and volunteers; however, such a program almost always provides the greatest returns for hospitals, healthcare systems and other healthcare providers.

  • Develop a powerful case for support:  With the continued uncertainty in the healthcare sector, organizations must develop clear, concise and consistent case that describes their vision, impact and need for philanthropic support. Stakeholders at all level should contribute to the development of case messages and be prepared to share them with a range of prospective supporters.

We welcome your comments below. Want to learn more? Contact Adam Wilhelm, Senior Consultant, Campbell & Company. 

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Adam Wilhelm

Adam Wilhelm is Vice President at Campbell & Company. A hands-on collaborator, Adam Wilhelm engages organizational leadership and volunteers and translates their visions into implementable activities for fundraising teams.