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Event: Latest Trends in Giving and What They Mean for Your Organization

What are the latest trends in giving and what do they mean to your organization? This session will look at the long term trends in giving as revealed by the data from various studies of the sector,...Learn More

Webinar: Fundraising Communications 301 - Fundraising Materials that Work

Cost: Free! About this Webinar:  With a strong case and clear messages, you’re ready to tell your story and engage your donors. What kinds of materials and resources will help your leaders,...Learn More

Event: The Million-Dollar Volunteer Fundraising Team – Recruitment, Motivation and Training to Maximize your Fundraising Impact

How do you get big gifts; million-dollar gifts? Recruit the right volunteers who can give at that level and ask at that level. But how? Why would they offer their time to your hospital? How do you...Learn More

Webinar: Communicating your Campaign Case

Cost: Free! About this Webinar:  A major campaign is more than just a fundraising strategy—it’s a statement about the future of your mission. Defining, expressing and communicating that...Learn More

Event: Transforming Your Board to Major Gift, Philanthropic Fundraising: Move From a Requirement of Minimal Giving to Tiered, Enthusiastic Giving and Getting—Do it Gracefully But Do it NOW

PIH Health in Whittier, Calif., was in the first phase of its first big comprehensive campaign—aspirations of $40 million to $100 million—when one foundation board member and his wife...Learn More

Event: Can Relationships Really be "Managed"?

10th Annual Bridge Conference At its core, relationship management seems simple enough, find the right people, meaningfully engage them, and watch them transform the world with their generosity....Learn More